Appellant health care providers sought review

Appellant health care providers sought review of a judgment from the Superior Court of San Diego County (California), entered after a jury returned a verdict in favor of respondent in her action for breach of contract, detrimental reliance, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and medical Continue Reading

Procedural Posture

Plaintiff seller sought a decree terminating and voiding three written instruments for the sale of hops for three consecutive years and an injunction preventing defendants, buyer and his assignees, from doing any act that would prevent the seller’s peaceful possession of his crops. The Superior Court of Sacramento County (California) Continue Reading

Procedural Posture

Cross-appeals were taken from a judgment of the Superior Court of Sacramento County (California), which, in three coordinated cases that included a validation action brought by plaintiff irrigation district, found invalid several agreements relating to a settlement agreement whereby the irrigation district agreed to provide water to other agencies in Continue Reading

Breach of Contract in Ontario

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Under the law, a breach of contract occurs when one of the parties fails to perform the duties required under the agreement. Regardless of whether the contract was oral or written, a breach of contract can be a reason for starting a civil lawsuit. The breach can be related to Continue Reading